Predominance of touch in telepresence

Inspiring example of a user (a kid) facing a telepresence device and behaving as if in real life (kids never lie, as we say). The contrast between the dad’s mic volume + giant full screen + low resolution VS the wife’s low mic volume + TV set make-up and video frame remind me of this old experiment of mine:

An other part of the video is available here:
System: Skype video-projected

Reloading this blog

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After my master thesis—supervised by Nicolas Nova—about “Non verbal communication of emotions through new media”, I start again this blog to archive the progress of my PhD thesis—supervised by Annie Gentes—on a similar theme, pushed a bit further, addressing the societal problem of living together despite distance: “Contributions and limits of speculative design for innovation, the case of telepresence“. More on my project on my portfolio