Inspiration – Example of speculative design

Sam Hill
A student from RCA


Graduating Year Project.
Sam Hill

This design process will be fully exhibited at the Goldsmiths College PROCESSED exhibiton.

Exhibition at The Boilerhouse, The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, Friday 30th May to Monday 2nd June.

Part of Free Range exhibition.…

My project concerns “experience value”, a hypothesis I’ve developed that indicates there is an intellectual, sensational and emotional wealth to be yielded from taking risks and by subverting preventative and protective systems via exposures.

My process has led me on a conceptual U-turn and far beyond my comfort zone, as I have embarked upon a personal quest for experience attainment and contested my own (previously) circumspect attitudes. I’ve sought to redefine my behaviour and ultimately, my personality.

I have endeavoured to rationalise my theory by quantifying it through a series of experiments and validating it via comprehensive, communicative designs.

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