Pressure sensitive keyboard prototype (2009)

Title: Pressure sensitive keyboard prototype (2009)
By: Microsoft
All the Microsoft research projects
Image: on my flickr

Microsoft demonstrates a gaming demo and typographic demo. Changing font size of text on-the-fly as you increase typing pressure. It also shows off accelerated backspacing (deleting words at a time, instead of letters, as force increases), and posits that it might even be able to minimize typos by gauging whether you used sufficient force on a key to suggest intent.
Finger pressure sensed by the keyboard

This Microsoft prototype is inspiring about the hardware possibility and the software potential behind it. A sensitive keyboard could influence typography as in Benjamin Gomez’s project. But crossed with time data it could also reflect an overall intensity through variations in tangible finger input. The visual translation of it could be something else than typography: layout, colors, any non verbal complement of information reflecting the user state of mind…




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