E, U, And Their Inner Life (2009)

Title: E, U, And Their Inner Life (2009)
By: Gerard Rallo
Link: http://www.ideesabsurdes.net/wordpress/?p=420
Image: on my flickr

Based on real neural networks, E and U, are two electronic monkey toys designed solely to find inner neural happiness.
To achieve such a goal, they perceive their environment (their owner, and their partner) and themselves. Depending on their own personality they balance the importance of each entity depending on the happiness they bring to them, they modify their inner structure in order to adapt themselves to their perceptions, and at the same time, modify the way their environment interacts with them.
As a result of this chaotic system, we can find and interpret infinite behaviors and relationships; stable, with ups and downs, unstable, uni and bidirectional dependency, independence, bullying, chronic depression,…

All their interactions and states are offered up for people interpretation, represented in a barely decipherable pattern on the LED panels on their chests.

We will notice here the system of representation of the little monkey toys emotions, an abstract modulation of a LED matrix. The interpretation is leaved to the observer / user and might significate something or become interpretable with the time. In the other hand there is a main design problem in the appearance of those monkeys. Their face is represented as smiling (without any interaction with it) then it influence the way we interprete the LED matrix. The LEDs should represent an emotional state for those monkey therefore either LEDs should be placed on the face or the monkey should have no facial expression – as it is our main emotional expressive output.

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